The best "night Life"


Rockets Pub and Grill offers a great selection of foods designed for the best night out. Steaks made to perfection, just like the night is designed for. Fancy dinners, a friendly get-together- you name it. 

Rocket's Food Menu

Tasty, Inexpensive, Comfort

At Rocket's Pub and Grill, our selections is designed for comfort in order for our customers to feel at home. Take a look at our selection!

Comfort Food At it's best

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Affordable. Quality. Food. Period.

At Rockets pub we provide the upmost care to our customers. Hand-picked and grown from the local farmers around town without any added substance. Organic options available for accommodating the Millennials' that are sure to come. Food is cooked on the spot, and at Rocket's we will make sure you leave here full. Take a look at our selections below!

What our Satisfied customers have said

Great Service!

“The food is great but the customer service is beyond magnificant. They always are there to get me drinks or anything else I need. Tipped well.”

— J.A.

"Fast timing"

“Usually the food for most these places take a while with a big order. But every Friday i go there I always get my food sooner that I expect.”

— L.K.

 A lot of fun!

“Not only do they serve great food but they also have a lot of arcade games to play. A lot of fun when out in the night

— J.Y.